2Chainz Adlibs Vocal Samples

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http://kingbeatz.com/Hip%20Hop%20Vocal%20Kit.html We keep the hottest sound kits on the net today keep checking in with us we deliver stunning quality we record our samples at 44.1khz stereo. So now we talking adlibs and if you like 2chainz then you love his adlibs as well, he has some cool adlibs and http://kingbeatz.com has them for you big baby, I love adlibs a lot of people do because they are real popular and they stand out, the reason i like 2chainz adlibs is because they are catchy and he says them on all of his songs, they sound good and unique so that's why I made a 2chainz adlib kit, you get 2chainz vocal samples and some of his cool adlibs. This is a great vocal kit to have and you can do a lot of great things with this hip hop vocal kit.
Added on Oct 12, 2013 by Hail
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