Young Jeezy Sound/Drum Kit

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Comments You get over 1,100 sounds from this custom Young Jeezy kit. This snowman kit go hard big shout out to young Jeezy he doing his thang and we doing ours with this massive hot ass Jeezy Kit, man you get some bangers for your buck here. Amazing high quality sick sounds, synths, bells, snares, vocals, kicks, you name it we bring you hotness here. We can't do it no other way Young Jeezy delivers hot music so we have to deliver a hot ass inspired Jeezy Sound Kit from his top producers. Man if you like to make beats then this kit is fun, it's fun to make beats with. Jeezy sound kit stay killing it's comp, no lie this sound kit extra fly and dope at the same damn time. Click the link for more info
Added on Jun 6, 2011 by Hail
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  young  jeezy  sound  kit  drum 
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